Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend fun

We had a great weekend - spent mostly with family.  I headed to Spokane on Saturday morning with the three girls to make a bunch of returns.  I stopped at six places in all to return "left-over" Christmas items, drop packages off to be shipped back, and exchanged some speakers!  Luckily, my Dad and little sister met up with me so I didn't have to take the girls in and out of car seats six plus times!

I forgot to bring a hat for Lauren and it was really cold here - my Dad stole my scarf to wrap around Lauren... she looked pretty cute!
We had a family "dance" in the basement after dinner.  Our Christmas gift to ourselves was a home theatre system and Carl was putting in the in-wall speakers I brought home. He cranked up some Alabama and all five of us danced around the family room.  The girls all had a ball and I hope it is a memory that stays with them!  Sorry, no pictures - I was dancing too! :)

Sunday was all about Mass - we always go at 8am  - and then family fun watching the Seahawks.  Talk about a roller-coaster game!  I didn't watch much of it, just popped in and out of the family room as I was cleaning the kitchen, finishing my cinnamon and orange rolls, keeping track of little girls, and getting Lauren to nap.  The mood for about 3/4 of the game was pretty sober... the fourth quarter lit up the room though!  I managed to sit down and watch the end of the fourth quarter.  It was a hard loss!  Hoping for another good run next year though.  Luckily, the cinnamon and orange rolls were done and they helped improve the mood!

It was one of those "perfect" weekends... we were exhausted by bedtime last night but enjoyed the family time.


m e l said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Are those PW's orange rolls? I made them over Christmas. They were soooo good! Love that pic of Lauren.

Shelly said...

That does sound like a perfect weekend. The dance party sounds like a precious memory, and those cinnamon and orange rolls look to die for! Are they hard to make? My husband would be so happy if I made those.