Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Training update

So my scheduled half marathon is just under two weeks away, and guess what?  I haven't run for two weeks!!  I was bit by the injury bug.  I had a FABULOUS sprint workout two weeks ago - 6 x 400's that I did outside in the sunshine and they came in incredibly faster than I hoped.  I averaged 1:36 - not something I would have attempted on my treadmill.

When I got done I drove back to my sister's house and could barely walk when I got out of the car.  What?!  The back of my feet, about 1-2cm above my heels were stiff and sore and when I tried to walk up or down stairs, it felt like my achilles were in a vise-grip!

I proceeded to ice them, took ibuprofen every 5 hours for about 5 days, and didn't run... :(  When they weren't really feeling any better late last week, I broke down and got an order to see a physical therapist.  The verdict?  Achilles Tendonitis... resulting from getting new shoes that did not have the support I need.


The shoes are my own fault.  I know what kind of feet I have, but I was interested in the new bare-foot running trend and tried to go into a shoe that moved that direction.  It is not a minimalist shoe by any stretch, but has an 8mm drop instead of a 12mm, and a little less stability than my typical shoe.  They felt great because they are lighter on my feet... but feeling great does not equate to being great in my case.
Source: runningquest.net

The bright side, my PT was VERY knowledgeable about barefoot running and she didn't say that I would never be able to do it... the not so bright side... her prediction is that it will take approximately THREE YEARS for me to build up the appropriate foot and leg strength to do my running barefoot or in minimalist shoes.

So back to the present... her recommendation was to ease back in to running and suspend all speed work until I am pain free. She recommended that I go back to my stability shoes with an orthotic and a heel lift.  The heel lift is temporary until I'm pain free and then it can go.  The orthotic will stay.

My half in two weeks??  Still a question mark.  She didn't say that I would not be able to run, just that I might not be pain free when I did.  I do know that I won't be running it as prepared as I had hoped or shooting for the time goal I wanted.  I'm left with looking into the summer at June and July and wondering what races I can find to reset my goals for.

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Kortni said...

Thank goodness you still have time to decide. And, any runs no matter how slow will be good for you. Will pray that you will heal quickly!!!!