Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Embarassing moments

... we all have them.  Those moments where we wish we could take back the last several seconds, or minutes...  well, I had one of those today.

Carl & I were out with the girls at Lowe's picking things up for our endless house projects.  I was about a third of the aisle behind him and somehow thought that I could toss a little bag of metal brackets into his cart from where I stood. Just as I released them, it registered that not only was I tossing them left-handed (I'm not a lefty) but that I was a lot further from him than I'd initially thought... Unfortunately these two thoughts registered too late to stop me.

They rebounded directly off of his temple just as he turned to ask me something.  He seriously thought things were falling off the shelves.  It broke the skin (just a little) and gave him a nice little bump...

Fortunately, he could laugh about it once he realized what happened.  I'm just now getting to the laughing point. 

1 comment :

TDM Wendy said...

I guess you didn't think to take a pic of his forehead at the time. Cuz that would be funny now, right?