Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Take 1

Today I'm linking up with Many Little Blessings - Top Ten Tuesday!!  It's my first time participating... so enjoy!

The top 10 things I'm loving about my online communities...
  1. Dailymile - being able to fill the gap in my workouts from not having a running partner since I live in the middle of nowhere and have three little ones.  I'm loving all the support and encouragement I get from those I've connected with. (Thanks Kortni & Kris!)
  2. Again dailymile - the accountability of knowing that others are tuned in to my workouts and will see if I wimp out on a run or check out for several days (or weeks)...
  3. Facebook - reconnecting with old friends (Hi Mel!) and staying in touch with others that might otherwise have fallen out of touch!
  4. Encouragement in my faith journey - Catholic Mother's Online, Team Whitaker, So in Love...,
  5. Inspiration to "Dream big and goal big.." (thanks Kortni) and still be a good Mom while doing it! - Today is the Day, Run Faster Mommy, Mom Swim Bike Run,
  6. Camaraderie - ok seriously, sometimes misery loves company... well maybe not misery but the realization that I don't have it all under control isn't quite so scary and overwhelming when I log in and read that some of you are having similar days... case in point "Reality vs. Perception" from 3 Pink Cupcakes, or just sharing in others daily journeys that so often parallel mine - Our Motto is Patience, Gracie Rae
  7. Community, so my "misery loves company" could have gone here... :)  But I was thinking of those wonderful blogs that do such a good job of bringing other bloggers together with common themes... Show Us Your Life from Kelly's Korner, Recipe or craft link ups from The Larson Lingo, or this link up from Many Little Blessings,
  8. Recipes! I love trying new recipes, so how could this not be in my top 10!!  Besides Pioneer Woman, I've found more fabulous recipes than I've been able to try - to name just a couple: Savory Sweet Life, The Girl Who Ate Everything
  9. Ideas - so I'm not the craftiest person in the world (as in, not really at all!!) but I enjoy seeing other people's inspiration and ideas and it helps me step outside my comfort zones when I'm doing a house project or thinking of activities to do with my girls.
  10. An audience... not that I need one, but I started this blog not just to record my experiences, but to share them... Sometimes the hardest thing, for me, as a Mom is getting thoughts that are banging around in my head out so that I can let go, or move on, or make an adjustment, or just simply appreciate how beautifully precious and blessed my life is!  So thank you for reading and for letting me know you are there. 


Kortni said...

You are sweet! Thank you!!

Kris said...

Aww thank you!! Glad we can encourage each other, it is a blessing :) I'll have to check out some of your blogs you follow too, they look good!