Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stepto Butte {Wordless Wednesday}

I apologize for being a lazy blogger the past couple of weeks.  I like wordless Wednesday because I KNOW I can find time to at least post a picture (or several) from the last week... but realize that it's a bit lazy on my part to only do this kind of post week after week... so I will do better!  In the meantime, here are few of my favorite pics from our trip up Steptoe Butte to watch the sunset this weekend.

My favorite picture of the whole trip is this one of Megan and Carl.  She keeps going down into this pose - Carl laughingly says she is practicing her basketball defensive stance... I think she looks like she's practicing to be a sumo wrestler.  Either way, this picture of the two of them in front of the setting sun is precious to me!

Here are just a few more from the evening.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Country Girls {Wordless Wednesday}

My girls uncovered some of the fall shoes that had been put away and fell in love with their boots!!  They ran around in these the rest of the weekend, Megan even had to wear hers to church on Sunday with her dress... country girls in the making!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ugly Cherry Pie

I inherited some pie cherries from my mother-in-law a couple of days ago that were begging to be made into a pie.  I'm not the most expert pie-maker, but have had pretty decent luck in the past.  I'm beginning to think it was beginners luck!  Making pie crusts is an art, I've decided... one that does not come naturally to me!

Last night I had it all rolled out and was patting myself on the back for how pretty it looked!!  I had used a small cookie cutter to cut four little hearts for venting and decoration and it looked prefect laying there on the counter.  I started transferring it to the waiting pie and just as I had the shell over the top of the pie, it came apart in about five pieces.... argh!!!!!!  It's a lot harder to salvage when it actually lands on the pie and has filling all over the one side.  If it had happened en-route, I probably would have just crumpled it into a ball and started over (even though I know it makes the crust "tougher"...)!  But, that's not really an option with cherry filling all over it... so I salvaged it the best I could.

It's one of the uglier pies that I've made, but I'm amazed at how much baking disguises the imperfections... and simply the fact that it is a pie...  here's to hoping it tastes better than it looks though!

I used the following two recipes for the pie:
Sylvia's Perfect Pie Crust from Pioneer Woman
Cherry Pie IV Recipe from (only the pie recipe)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Priest Lake

Nearly two weeks ago we headed up to Priest Lake, ID for several days of fun in the sun, beach time, huckleberry picking, and just a lot of fun!  I'm really slow about getting through my pictures which is why this post took over a week to get up!! Priest Lake is a beautiful lake.  It is glacier fed, so very clear and clean... and very cold.  Since I'm a total wimp when it comes to cold water, I don't do much swimming!

We headed up a few days before Carl and met his Mom, Grandma, and one of our nieces who stayed to help entertain my girls!  We were very glad to have her - as you can see, my two followed her lead!

It was also a help since the weather didn't cooperate the first couple of days.  We had rain and temps in the 50's... we weren't really expecting that in late July!!  Thank goodness for books, play dough, and being able to beauty-case Granny!!  It made being porch and cabin-bound for the better part of two days a lot of fun!!

Carl made it up during naps on Friday, so he joined the girls for the remainder of their snooze.  He worked some long hours to be able to get away for Friday afternoon and the weekend.

The girls were glad to see their Daddy and spent most of the evening with him down by the water throwing in rocks.  It's amazing how long that activity will entertain little ones!!

The weather turned around for us the next day (although mornings are always chilly in the mountains)!!  We're not sure what prompted this "slouch" session on the porch, but took it as our cue that we'd better get moving!

We tried huckleberry picking with the two girls.  Karen was somewhat game - she LOVES huckleberries and will eat them as fast as you will pick them for her.  Once you stop letting her dip into the picking stash... well, she was a little less impressed with tromping through the woods.  Megan... not impressed from the get-go.  It is hard to pick with a 21month old on your hip and a 20week pregnant belly!!  We lasted for about an hour before we headed back to the cabin.  The girls found that activity much more agreeable!!

My sister came up to join us for a day while we were up there, but I totally slacked and somehow didn't get a single picture of her!!  It was fun having her up there and next time I'll be sure to get a picture to show that she was there!!

We capped off our trip with the girls first ever camp fire.  The girls loved it.  Megan didn't like the marshmallows, but was all over the chocolate and graham crackers.  Karen ... loved it all!!

Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of the four of us altogether this year which always disappoints me when I get home and realized it happened... here's one from last year to look forward to next year when we'll have to remember to take one of the five of us!!