Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing catchup! Introducing Lauren Marie

So I've been gone a while!  I keep intending to get back to posting and time keeps slipping by.   I have lots of thoughts to share with the new year but I thought the best place to start was to introduce you to our new little one (and one of the reasons I'm having a hard time finding time to get back to my blog!).

Lauren Marie joined our family on December 15th at 5:03 in the evening.  She was my biggest baby at 7lbs 8oz... She came out healthy and strong and I came out of the delivery with no complications which was a HUGE blessing!

I can't believe she is a month old already.  It's been quite a trip adjusting to 3 little ones!  But fun too - I'm so much more relaxed than I was with Karen and feeling so much better than I did after Megan that there is NO comparison!

We weren't completely surprised to have a third girl... I have three sisters and my husband has three sisters... the last 7 grandchildren on my husband's side have been girls and the last 4 on my side have been girls... it seems to be in the genes! :)


m e l said...

She's beautiful Renee! I'm so glad everything went well with the delivery. Congratulations!!

Shelly said...

Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you and your family. What a blessing. She is beautiful!