Monday, January 30, 2012


ok - so I've never been a big one for new year's resolutions.  I always figure if you need to make a change just start making it!  As I've gotten older, I'm starting to see the attraction of a new calendar year giving incentive to make some changes...  I would also say that this year, having Lauren just before the first of the year adds even more incentive for me.  In the interest of holding myself accountable for some of the changes I want to make, I want share some of my goals for the upcoming months/year.

I've broken them into categories:

This is one that I need so much work on!!  Two books I've read recently that have given me significant food for thought are "The Story of a Soul" by St. Therese of Lisieux and "The Family that Overtook Christ" about the family of St. Bernard... I see how much room I have to improve on the love for Christ - and it seems from reading their stories that cultivating a deeper love of Christ so much follows from it.  But try and be succinct in my goals:
  1. Through prayer, reading, meditation, recieving the Eucharist, etc. cultivate and grow my relationship and love of Christ
  2. Make morning prayer with my girls a standard of our day
  3. Set aside some time to pray with Carl (besides just at meal times and bedtime with the girls!!)
  4. Continue to read books that nourish my mind and soul and don't provide just entertainment!
  1. More patience with my girls... this has taken a nose-dive since I had Lauren but at some point I need to quit using that as an excuse!
  2. More patience with Carl... ok, not that he really does much that requires patience but being that he is the only other adult in the house he tends to get the brunt of my frustration, impatience, etc. at the end of a day... I'm sure many can relate, but I still need to work on it!!
  3. I've been working really hard on structure in my life, my house, etc. and want to continue to make that a goal.  The girls seem to be thriving more on knowing what our days look like.  This has been a little (ok, a lot) more haywire since Lauren was born but it's slowly coming back to a regular routine.
  4. Eradicating the idea that I am EVER "caught up on laundry"... it just doesn't happen and as soon as I think this, I take a few days "off" ... and have over-flowing hampers again.  I need to pound the idea "staying on top of" laundry into my head... this implies a continuous process and is so much more conducive!
  1. Eat better!!  I love all the foods that just aren't good for me and not helpful in getting rid of this baby weight!  I want to get better at eating good, introducing more vegetables to our diets, and maybe getting the pantry cleaned out of all the "snacks" that sabotage good eating. :)
  2. Make a meal plan.  This relates to the first item, but I find when I take the time to make a meal plan we eat better, I'm more prepared, and so much less "frustrated" at meal times!
  3. I've been considering trying a paleo "diet" for a while to break my dependence on breads and other carbs/grains... I LOVE bread but eat way to much of it.  My sister has been trying this and feels so much better (but she has rheumatoid arthritis and so is doing it for different reasons).
  1. My over-arching goal is just to be comfortable in my own skin again - which hasn't been the case since I had Karen. 
  2. Working on being able to do 100 pushups (and hopefully a pull-up or two)!!
  3. There are several runs I would like to do:
  • St. John Hog Jog - 5 mile run in late April
  • Bloomsday - 7.46 mile run the first weekend of May
  • Windermere Half Marathon - the middle of May
  • Race the River - Sprint Triathlon (oh my!!) - late July
  • Dirty Dash - sometime this summer
  • Another run or two into the fall to keep my running moving forward!

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The Fischer Family said...

Those look like great goals! I gave up on New Years' Resolutions years ago because I never kept them! I hope you have better luck than me! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. Have a blessed week!!