Monday, March 12, 2012

Trying to move forward

You know how they say progress (or life) is two steps forward and one step back??  Well, lately I feel like it has been more one step forward and two steps back!  I'm still really struggling with losing Jessica and I think postpartum hormones aren't doing me any favors!  I had a couple of really good weeks in January (see my post about goals...) and then things have taken a nose-dive since...

I'm trying to get out of my funk though.  Last week I got myself back on the exercise wagon.  I started my training program for a half marathon in May that I want to run.  I describe that program here.  I also started doing workout from Lindsay Brin who started Moms into Fitness ... I love the variety of her workouts and the fact that she has gone through getting her body back three times, she drinks her own kool-aid, so to speak!!  My current favorite is her Fit Friday workout which is a cross-fit type workout.  It definitely kicked my behind and left me with that pleasant soreness, you know that kinds that feels good because you know you really worked your body?!

Finding the motivation to exercise is so indicative of how I'm doing in the rest of my life... If I'm finding the energy and motivation to make time to work out, I'm finding the energy and motivation to keep up on my prayer life, my house, my laundry, activities with my girls, etc.  Here's to hoping this trend continues and March coming in like a "lion" will be going out like a lamb!

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