Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I need new running shoes.  I realized the other day that the ones I'm currently running in were purchased two years ago.  That might explain some of the extra aches and pains I'm trying to recover from (it has nothing to do, I'm sure, with the fact that I'm getting older and jumped too fast into my training plan...).  Anyway, back to the shoes... I've been having a hard time deciding what shoes to get.  I have flat feet and overpronate quite a bit.  I have bought stability shoes in the past, and to be honest haven't noticed a huge difference between those and "regular" running shoes.  I have also been doing a lot of reading on the barefoot movement and benefits and have been interested in getting some more minimal shoes.  I usually love my Asics, but have not been able to find if their new series of 33 shoes really is a step in that direction and/or if they are good for a flat-footed runner like myself.

Here are some that have perked my interest ...

Asics Gel-Cirrus33
Asics Gel-Blur33

Asics Gel-Excel33

On-Running CloudRunner

Merrel Barefoot Pace Glove

Anyone have recommendations for me (they don't have to be one of the these)??

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Kortni said...

I love the Saucony brand. I have had several different types from $60-$120 and have had no problems. The hurricanes and progrid are my faves. I also put inserts in my shoes and that makes a huge different with my flat shoes.

You will feel like you are running on pillows when you get a new pair. It will make a huge difference!!!