Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness!!!

Let the madness begin!! Do you love NCAA March Madness??  We do - my husband played college ball and has a life-long love of basketball.  So, I married into it.  I've always enjoyed sports but never really got into the "madness" until I met Carl.  Now it is a tradition every year.  On the first day of the tournament, his mom makes lots of goodies and several people are invited up to their house and spend the entire day parked in front of the TV taking in the games. I enjoy joining this day-long basketball-fest, but am finding with kids that it is not quite as relaxing as prior years - still fun though!

Our beloved Zags are in the tournament again this year (both men and women)!!  In fact, the women play here in Spokane, so we might have to consider seeing if we can get some tickets to the games!  We saw our lady Zags play in the sweet sixteen and elite eight here last year - fun times!!  It is yet another one of those wonderful memories of my niece Jessica - she had a FABULOUS time at the game... her smile at being there was amazing.

We also fill out brackets each year and submit them in a couple of local pools... let me just say I am BAD at choosing brackets.  I've been tempted to not do it because inevitably I end up picking the wrong underdog, and then feel conflicted in rooting for the underdog that actually is making a run at it because their win will mess up my bracket... :)  Do you fill out brackets for March Madness?  What's your trick?

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