Monday, March 19, 2012

Lent "restart"

So, Lent 2012 is more than half over and I have to give myself a big FAIL on my lenten intentions.  I had lots of really good ideas of things I wanted to do or give up to help bring myself closer to Christ, because at the heart of it, that is the intention of Lent...

You give up something that you enjoy, or do something extra to put yourself in the desert as Christ did in the bible.  When you give up something, not only do you put yourself "in the desert", but you create an "empty" spot in yourself that is normally filled by a food or activity that you enjoy.  When you couple your giving up of something with prayer, you invite Jesus into this new "empty" spot, thus moving closer to him through the 40 days of Lent.

As I said, I give myself a big fail thus far.  I really haven't made much of an effort to meet those good intentions I had at the beginning of Lent.  However - my old self would just continue down this road, beat myself up, and consider Lent2012 a fail... One of my focuses in 2012 is trying to persevere... and at the heart of that word is knowing that you can only accomplish it if you keep trying.  So, with three weeks left of Lent... I'm recommitting to starting my Lenten intentions and putting myself in the "desert"!!

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