Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

So a couple of days into a new week ... what's on my agenda this week?
  • Training plan:
    • Monday - skipped it!
    • Tuesday - 3x1600 mile repeats 
    • Wednesday - Core strengthening with a cardio block from Lindsay Brin
    • Thursday - 5 mile tempo run
    • Friday - Linday Brin Fit Friday Challenge
    • Saturday - Rest
    • Sunday - 10 mile long run
  • Church books - I've been doing the books for our little church for several years now.  I'm a little behind on making the deposit (need to get that done) and getting the last few months of bank statements balanced...
  • Laundry!! (when isn't this on the agenda?!)
  • Pictures - I had pictures of the girls taken in January but haven't given them to anyone yet... need to get that done!
  • Fertility story ... this is something that I really want to share but keep waiting to start it until I've got some time to sit down with it... I just need to share it.  I'd like to get one post out about it this week (I think it will take several to tell the whole story).
  • Ordering seeds for my garden!
and just because, here is a picture of Karen and Lauren!  Can't believe how much they are growing.

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