Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sister Chronicles - Volume I

Considering I live less than an hour from my sister and am regularly (at least weekly) to the town where she lives, a visit should not be a rare occurrence!  But we’ve both been busy and so it has been a while.  She was driving back from a vacation and stopped in and spent the afternoon here!  YAY me!

My little sister is my best friend!  Our adventures started when we could barely walk and have not stopped since.   We were holy terrors as young children – not because we were purposefully misbehaved, but in our eyes the world didn’t exist outside of our games and adventures except when it inserted itself rather abruptly… now as a parent I can understand how frustrating that probably was!! Sorry Mom & Dad!

Anyway, I was thinking about some of our adventures and thought I'd share one of our more infamous ones... growing up we lived about 12 miles out of town and a 1.5 miles down a country/gravel road.  It was an unusually hot spring day and we had been outside playing.  I’m guessing we were 4 and 3 since neither of was yet in school.  We were hot and terribly thirst and decided that we desperately needed a soda pop – which is unusual because pop was not something we had often or should have thought we were entitled to… but for whatever reason, on this day, it was a must have! So, we decide that we would walk into town (12+ miles!) to buy this pop.  Without telling Mom, we slipped away from the house and set off on our trek.

A little way into the walk, we remembered that we will need money in order to buy it.  Our solution – we plan to stop at the neighbor’s house on the way and ask for the money.  We continued walking and after what I’m guessing was about a half mile, my sister was getting tired.  Reality interjecting itself… I convinced her that we needed to keep going or Mom would catch up with us.  This worked for a while, but she was getting more hot and tired (she was only 3!).  I started bullying her into going on by telling her that we’d stop and rest and get some water when we got to the neighbor’s house for money.  

We were about one mile into our trek when my mom came barreling down the road in the car.  She had been frantically looking for us for the last half hour and had stopped only because she had to pick up our older two sisters from the bus.  Her recollection is that her anger did not even phase us, in fact, it did not even register.  I was so mad at my sister because it was her fault Mom caught up with us and she was so mad at me because all she had wanted was to stop and rest a while.  In the end, we got some water back at home and did not get a pop for a VERY long time.

Please Lord… no antics like this from my two girls?!  *sigh*  I think I’m doomed! :) 


Sara said...

Oh too funny!!! Yeah I would go crazy if my girls ever do this someday!! lol Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's a pleasure to meet you! Not sure if you noticed, but I am a farmer's wife too! I'm sure we have a lot in common in that area of life. ;)

Katie said...

You two sound like me and my cousin/best friend. The way we use to act and how hard it is to get together these days!

maren said...

Oh my! I have two boys close in age. I dread stories like these, but they do make great memories! New follower from UBP! Would love for you to join me!