Friday, April 15, 2011

it's Friday ... time to quit procrastinating!

So... being that it is Friday, I was going to write a little about fitness (or my lack thereof in recent weeks)!  But I started thinking about how much I've been procrastinating on around here and wondered if that would not end up making a more "productive" post... 

Spring has been refusing to come here on the Palouse, which means that there have been WAY more inside days than I or my girls would prefer.  I am so ready for spring/summer, that I've kind of gone into auto-pilot with regard to my house.  I've been getting the essentials done, but most of those house-improvement and "deep" cleaning projects I meant to  accomplish before the end of winter have not been accomplished.  I know! I know! ... I'm a slacker.

Here are a few:
  • The bathroom cupboard - almost two years ago, we started updating one of our bathrooms (the one I used mostly) and so all of my "stuff" was moved into the other bathroom.  The cupboard was never really organized and has become almost unmanageable... it is almost a joke to see what is going to fall out when we open the cupboard door.  The other bathroom is now (90%) finished, so I should be able to clean out the cupboard and move stuff back around!
  • The kitchen cupboards - I like to think that I keep my kitchen pretty organized, and it is... but in the deep recesses of most of my cupboards are items that I have never used and probably never will.  Since I have no extra space in my kitchen, I often think how nice it would be to clean these items out to free up some space!
  • Closets... closets... closets... - don't we all have closets that need some help?  I have several!!
  • Door and wall trim - we still need to get up all of the baseboard trim in the bathroom we remodeled and around exterior doors that we replaced. 
  • ... well, there's more, but that is probably enough of a list to keep me busy until ... well, until I get it all done!

So here's my commitment to you... I will post an update on my progress with these tasks each Wednesday... they will be my "Working Wednesday" posts!  Hopefully they will include some before and after photos (assuming I'm not too embarrassed to post the before photos!)


Christine said...

I know you can do it! It always seems so daunting, but once I posted my "list" it was way easier! Good Luck and cannot wait to see pics!

PalouseMom said...

Thanks Christine - you inspired me! :)