Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Schedule - craziness!!

We are now three weeks into our fall schedule and all I can say is **WHEW!!!** I'm tired!

Karen started preschool three weeks ago.  The school part is not too bad - other than she is not a morning person, so having her up, dressed, and ready for school by 8 is a challenge.  I feel like a terrible Mom, but she has not eaten breakfast ONCE before school in the three weeks since it started.  Not for lack of offering it to her or time - she is just one of those kids that needs to be up for an hour (or more) before she is ready to eat.

This week - we added her speech therapy sessions in Spokane.  These are twice a week trips for 50 minute sessions.  With the drive time, it is a minimum of three hours.  When you add other appointments on top of that (I had a foot dr. appt in Spokane on Tuesday), today is our first day to just be home!

I've been trying really hard to change some habits.  It's been going pretty well but my challenge now is to keep up with it even with our added busy-ness.  Being out of the house for most of two days during the week (and this week was three) make it more of a struggle, but I have felt SOOOO much better with these changes in habit/focus on structure. 

So, in the interest of accountability, my focus the last few weeks has been:
  1. Make my bed (so far I'm about 60% on this) 
  2. At least one load of laundry a day (doing pretty good on this if you don't count that I haven't been getting it all put away)
  3. Not leaving dishes in the sink between meals ... I tend to do this after breakfast because there only a few, but then if I don't take care of it at lunch I walk into the kitchen to make dinner and feel like it is a mess!! I'm so much more relaxed if I just do it!
  4. Try and get the weekly house-cleaning items done prior to the weekend so our weekend can be focused on outside chores and projects, or inside house projects that we are finishing.
  5. Put a timer on my computer/electronic time so I stop "losing" time!
  6. Now that I've got the ok on my foot, I'll be adding in a daily fitness of some sort!

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m e l said...

Love this list!! I need to do this too. We have a lot of chaos going on here too!