Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to school... stomach flu!

Yep!  We fell victim to the "back-to-school" stomach flu this last weekend.  I came down with it Thursday night.  Luckily it was a "once-and-done" for me.  I just feel crummy for a couple of days.

Megan woke up at 1:00am Friday night/Saturday morning with it.  The poor girl was pretty sick for about 36 hours. 

She finally started perking up yesterday afternoon.  Now the wait is on to see if Karen is the next victim and if Lauren will escape because of my anti-bodies!

I'm trying to get my week started off right - I need to get caught up on housework and laundry that didn't get done because of taking care of myself and Megan... but to be honest, I'm just reveling in a morning that doesn't include puking!! :)  Maybe this afternoon.

.. how's your week starting?

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Kortni said...

Yuck! I hope everyone is better. I love your plan. Friday's are a big day for me. I try to have everything clean and finished by the weekend. I love the freedom of only grocery shopping and doing family things on the weekend!