Thursday, September 13, 2012

My changing view

Remember last summer when I was bragging about my beautiful view? ... well it's changing, and not for the better. Our county commissioners decided that inviting a wind farm into our area would be a good thing for taxes.  So, I have the unwanted "pleasure" of having nearly 90 windmills surrounding my house, 30-40 of which are visible to us.

Besides the fact that I don't think windmills provide the sustainable energy that they are touted to, or the fact that my utilities are actually going to increase, or that all the energy produced from them has already been sold to another state and won't even be used locally ... those aren't my main issues with them.

My main issue is what they have done to this beautiful farm ground in order to put them in.  There are roads through prime farm ground 30 feet wide where there used to be none.  There are concrete supports so deep into the ground that even if the windmills are taken down I doubt it will ever be able to be farmed again.  The location of the windmills will make it nearly impossible for crop dusters in our area - hurting their business and forcing us to change how we farm our ground.

And yes... I'm bitter that my view which was once

will now be

I know the pictures don't look that bad... they don't do the windmills "justice" ... plus, once the propellers are put on, they look even worse.  This is just one view out the back and we have a view many more out the front.

All that being said... I am still thankful for the chance to live in the country surrounded by these hills and hope that someday I will get used to seeing these "things" surrounding my house.