Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Running Related Questions

Since I'm still laid up with my stress fracture and itching to get running, I thought I'd join the "10 Running Related Questions" party that I saw yesterday on several of the blogs I read...

  1. Best Run Ever - I know this was a LONG time ago, but it was a practice run with my cross country coach in high school.  I was late to practice because I had to take a test after school so I did my workout with him.  After the warm-up, we did a progression run.  We were about halfway done and I can remember thinking that I was ready to back off the pace.  Instead, he said, "Ok, let's go!" ... and so we went.  I don't know what our pace was but I know that it is faster than I had ever ran a sustained distance.  It was also the first time I really understood what it was to push myself and that I had the capability of doing it.  I felt so powerful at the end of that run!
  2. Three words that describe my running - inconsistent, sporadic, over-ambitious (I tend to injure myself because I feast or famine with regard to running... either don't do it or go all out jumping into a training plan too hard and too fast)
  3. My go-to running outfit - shorts and a tank of any sort.  I hate sleeves (unless it is long sleeves) when I run
  4. Quirky habit while running - don't know that I have one, unless you count constantly asking the other person how they are or if the pace is ok when I'm running with someone.
  5. Morning, midday, or evening - I prefer morning but these days I take my runs whenever I can get them in.
  6. I won't run outside when it's - dark (country rode, no street lights) or harvest (to many grain trucks and equipment on the roads!)
  7. Worst injury and how I got over it - achilles tendonitis... laid off of running and am hoping that it is gone!  I won't know for sure until my stress fracture is healed and I ease back into running.
  8. I felt most like a bamr when -honestly, any time I manage a run and get home to see my three little girls... maybe I pat myself on the back to easily but I feel like a bamr just getting out there!
  9. Next race is - TBD - was hoping to do a 10K this fall but will have to see how the foot does.
  10. Potential running goal for 2013 - Race a half-marathon and hit my sub 2hour goal and completing a sprint-tri!
If you are runner - consider yourself tagged.  Leave a comment so I can check out your post! :)

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Kortni said...

Big goals...I love it! You have been bit the injury bug badly...I hope all heals quickly because the weather is turning into running weather! I did this too on my blog. I thought it was fun!