Saturday, September 10, 2011

Needing some structure

Lately I've been feeling sort of adrift... I'm coming to the realization that there is no pattern or organization to my days (ok... truthfully I realized this LONG ago but have been resisting the notion that this is largely responsible for the struggles I've been having).  "Routine" is always something that has been a struggle for me.  So, starting from my single days and somewhat continuing until now, life has been pretty on-the-go, no routine, and definitely no structure.

I'm finding as a stay at home Mom, especially as my girls are getting bigger and I'm looking at another one on the way, that I'm spending way to much time wandering around my house in circles wondering where to start and what to tackle.  There are too many trips to town followed by another one a day or two later because I wasn't organized enough to realize there were a couple of other things that were going to be needed or done.  I also know that most kids thrive on a structure in their lives and knowing what to expect.  Now that Karen has started back at preschool two days a week and I will be taking her to speech therapy for three sessions a week... things are going to be crazy without a little better organization on my part!

I'm also finding that, as someone who wants God to be at the center of our family, of my daily life with the kids, and just ever-present in our house - not having a structure in our day makes it very challenging to remember to include those extra times for prayer, for song, for teaching my girls (as much as can be taught at nearly 2 and 3.5...).

So... I don't really have an answer as to what "structure" I'm going to put into my days - but just sharing that I know it HAS to happen and while a part of me resists the idea, a larger part of me is really looking forward to having a rhythm to our days and weeks.  I think the girls will thrive better and I know that I will certainly feel calmer and be able to accomplish more.  I would love to hear what your daily/weekly routine looks like and how it came about for you, if you feel like sharing.


Shelly said...

I struggle with this too. I've always tried to keep my boys on a schedule. My days almost always revolve around their routine, but I've come to realize this can sometimes make me lazy about doing other things and not try new activities. I'm definitely not as organized as I would like to be, and as a result I am definitely missing out on fitting certain things into my days. I'm right there with you needing to get better structure around the house.

m e l said...

Ahhh, structure. What is that again?? :)

I'd like some in my life too. I'm working on finding one - let me know how yours works out!