Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to school

Tuesday was the first day of preschool for Karen.  It is her third year (sort of) in preschool.  She started in January of 2010 when she was three years old.  Her teacher told me that it was obvious that Karen knew the ropes - in her own way she was "telling" and showing the other kids the "how-to's" and "what-for" of class!!  So cute - I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that.

Karen is wanting to walk into the classroom (she almost always had me carry her from the car to the classroom in the past) and she is riding the bus home after lunch... ack!!!!  I'm still a little in disbelief that I'm willing to let her be on the bus.  The only thing that really convinced me is that it is a kindergarten/preschool bus, so unless it is an early release day there aren't any big kids. Plus, her cousin Lucy rides until right before our stop.

I can see improvements in other ways too.  I have always asked her how her day was when I pick her up.  Usually the response to that question is dead air or her simply telling me "no"... which is her way of saying that she doesn't want try to talk.  The last three days I've gotten a response from her when I asked her.  Honestly, I don't have any idea what she tried to tell me - but the fact that she even attempted to share something is HUGE!!

Here's looking forward to another school year and the things you'll learn little nut!