Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break - and we're headed... "home"?!

While I don't technically have school-aged kiddos, we are still taking advantage of spring break!  My peanut receives therapy from the school, so using this week to go visit my folks means that she doesn't have to miss any of those sessions.  When I was trying to decide if we were going to make the trip or not, I was talking to my husband and referred to going "home"... this led to a long discussion on what he sees as my to loosely used term of "home".

I don't see the problem, I guess.  I've always used this term when referencing visiting my folks... I don't consciously do it, and when I leave there  to come back, I also say I'm going home.  But the hubs... just doesn't get it - "home" should be reserved for this place alone!  I have two comments...
  1. He still lives in his hometown, therefore he never really is going back.  His folks also still live here, so of course this place being the one and only "home" is doubly reinforced for him.
  2. This dual use of the word is not unique to me.  My sisters also do the same thing.  Maybe it's a family thing, I don't know.

So... I'm curious to know, is this unique to my family or do you also refer to other places as "home" when you are headed back for a visit?  I'd like to know!

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SushiMama said...

Hmm I had to think about this one. Honestly, I (obviously) refer to where we live as home, and when we go back to visit my parents, it's "my parent's house", because they moved after I graduated and I've never lived there. Husband refers to our house and his parents as home, and while there are times it bothers me, I find myself doing the same thing in reference to my in-laws.

What bothers me more than how we refer to it is actually when either set of our parents say we haven't been "home" to visit in awhile. My mom is the worst at this and I always say, "Actually I was home last night."

Geez longest comment ever haha! Sorry!