Sunday, March 25, 2012

The LONG Run...

So... three weeks into my half marathon training, I had my third long run on the schedule - 10 miles.  The weather cooperated beautifully, it was a gorgeous 55-60 degrees with just a little wind (tail wind on the way out, head wind coming back).  Truth be told though, as much as I absolutely LOVED getting out there in this weather, I probably shouldn't have.

As I said, three weeks into half marathon training... did I mention that I really had done NO running prior to that - in fact, I had done no running since I was about 6 months pregnant with Lauren (that would put it sometime last fall...).  Two weeks ago I did a 6-miler, last week was an 8-miler... My body is really trying to tell me to slow down, my left butt-cheek/hip bothered me all week and my right foot was tender.

But, as many runners can be, I'm stubborn this way.  My aches and pains didn't really slow me down, I didn't feel like they were causing me to alter my natural stride (too much anyway)... so I tackled the 10 miles!

Here's the break down:

Total run time: 1:35:06 ... a 9:30 pace and I was shooting for 10:00
Mile  1:  9:32
Mile  2:  9:18
Mile  3:  9:11
Mile  4:  8:59

My butt-cheek/hip finally loosened up at this point and I quit feeling it... yeah!

Mile  5:  9:22
Mile  6:  9:25
Mile  7:  9:53

Mile 7 was the first time in the run that I started feeling the distance.  My feet were starting to hurt a little bit (I have flat feet and when my mechanics start breaking down my arches start rubbing more and I get blisters...).  Both achilles started feeling tight and my right hip was whining at me...

Mile  8:  9:38
Mile  9:  10:42

Mile 9 had a tough .25 - .3 uphill that took a lot out of me.  It also had a nice down hill for me to cruise, but as you can tell it didn't quite help me recover the time I lost!

Mile 10:  9:02

I love seeing my last mile come in "fast"... my goal on long runs is to start out easy and not let me splits be slower than my start and for my last mile (or two or three) to have my fastest times.

So how am I doing now??  Well, let's just say it's been an evening of hobbling - there was no chasing the girls around tonight!  I may need a break from my training to let my legs, hips, and achilles recover.  But my goal was to get through this long run and then take some recovery time if I needed it - so I accomplished that!


Kortni said...

Nice job. I have flat feet as well and wear arches that I bought at Target. It has made a world of difference for me. I hope everything is feeling better today!

PalouseMom said...

Thanks Kortni - I might have to try some arch supports and see if that helps. I'm still hobbling a bit, I think it might be another day or two before my body feels up for a run.