Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday! Love you HB's

I'm all about reminding myself how much I have to be thankful for these days and so thought I'd dedicate this thankful post to my wonderful husband!

HB's been hard at work finishing our basement.  The house was built by his great-Grandpa in the late 40's but the basement was never finished.  So, that has been our recent project... it was supposed to be done prior to Lauren being born so we would have more space for kiddos, visiting family (mine), etc... but it didn't happen until now - that's how life happens, right?! :) But it's been progressing steadily.  He, along with our brother-in-law, has done all the framing and wiring on weekends and weeknights...  And on top of that "extra work", he always makes time to play with the kids and makes sure he is around to help me put the kids to bed before he goes back to working.  How spoiled am I???!!!!

Hi Honey!!

Doing double-duty watching Lauren while I ran an errand in town

A shot going upstairs and the play space under the stairs...

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