Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stepto Butte {Wordless Wednesday}

I apologize for being a lazy blogger the past couple of weeks.  I like wordless Wednesday because I KNOW I can find time to at least post a picture (or several) from the last week... but realize that it's a bit lazy on my part to only do this kind of post week after week... so I will do better!  In the meantime, here are few of my favorite pics from our trip up Steptoe Butte to watch the sunset this weekend.

My favorite picture of the whole trip is this one of Megan and Carl.  She keeps going down into this pose - Carl laughingly says she is practicing her basketball defensive stance... I think she looks like she's practicing to be a sumo wrestler.  Either way, this picture of the two of them in front of the setting sun is precious to me!

Here are just a few more from the evening.

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