Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why the break?

So I've been meaning to put up this post for a while but keep putting it off.  I wanted to share what initially prompted my blogging break earlier this spring. 

The wonderful news is that we found out we were expecting again in early April!! Yay!! This is something we were very much wanting and it had been a long six months of "waiting"... one that included two hospital stays with our youngest daughter, an unconfirmed early miscarriage, the tragic loss of a very good friend, and a second, but confirmed, early miscarriage... yes, it was an eventful and stressful 6 six months.

The short explanation for the break is that there were some early complications (which fortunately did not turn out to be anything worrisome after a couple weeks of taking it easy).  But after the struggle to conceive - which included much more than two losses we suffered (a fertility story I hope to share with you sometime, but don't want to make this an incredibly long post) - I just did not have the capacity to post about anything else but was not yet ready to share this news outside of family. 

So I took a break but am back now!  and sharing that we are expecting another Baby C sometime around December 13th!


Christine said...

YEAHHHH!!! So happy for you Renee! We will keep your entire family, including Baby C in our prayers along with your previous loses. I hope and pray the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly!

m e l said...

Congratulations! Very exciting. So sorry about the losses though. That is a very tough thing to deal with. Praying for this one to continue to go well :)