Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back on the exercise wagon...

sort of... I've been horrible lately about working out.  I keep meaning to do something whether it is a Lindsay Brin video, letting Jillian Michaels kick my behind, or simply getting out for a walk or jog... but meaning to do it and actually getting it done have been two concepts very hard for me to put together.  So... with the help of sunshine and happy summer weather to encourage me, I'm getting myself back on the exercise wagon.  I'm not doing much, but have been walking with the girls (with a short spurt of jogging thrown in). 

My walks have strongly reminded me of an item that is at the top of my wish list... a Bob Double Jogging Stroller.  I've been trying to talk Carl into letting me get one for the better part of a year now, the cost is just kind of hard to get around... But the 2nd hand one I inherited from my sister just isn't doing the trick.  I know I'm being picky... the hand-me-down is free... but living on a gravel road with lots of hills, it would be nice to have a stroller better designed to handle it, like this one:

I know that I'm just getting myself back onto the exercise wagon, but also know that I'll use it.  I'm planning to run the Windermere Half Marathon next May and would love to have a stroller that works to bring the girls with me for the occasional training run.  My current hand-me-down won't work for much more than a brisk walk (and a short one at that!!).

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Christine said...

Sounds like a marathon next may isn't going to work anymore...but for more than good reasons!