Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slowly getting organized!!

Well, it has been a painfully slow process... mostly due to my own reluctance and procrastination with tackling it, but I'm finally starting to get those "cluttered" spots in my house organized.  I decided to start with the girls room.  There were two reasons for this... the primary one being that it was driving me crazy every time I walked into their room (good reason, right?!) :)

The second reason was that it just needed some revamping.  When we had Karen, her room was originally our guest room and we never completely cleaned it out of all the stored stuff (aka junk) to make it her room.  This wasn't too big of an issue until we had two of them in there. Lately I've been going bonkers because their closet is unusable because there are so many odds and ends still stored there and the book shelf was always a mess mostly because I was still using a couple of shelves for my own books.

So I still have the closet to tackle (hope to post an update later today with some progress)!! But I did accomplish thinning out and reorganizing toys and the book shelf.  The pictures are pretty self explanatory on how much better it looks!!




Christine said...

I need you to visit my house! I need some MAJOR organizing to be done! LOL!

PalouseMom said...

You don't want to see some of the other areas that still need work! :) These are just the most visible to me to it got accomplished!