Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby is "growing" up!

Time is going toooo fast!  It has felt like that since we first had Karen and with each passing year (and each new kid) it only seems to go faster!

I can hardly believe that over 5 months have passed since Lauren was born and she is growing so fast...

Her first solid food:

She's taken to it much more quickly than either of the other two did.  Karen, quite honestly, didn't have a clue!  She wasn't interested in baby food until closer to a year old.  Her apraxia played a role in that, something we didn't discover until later...  Megan liked her food at first, but within a month started refusing anything that came off a spoon.  She boycotted solids until she was big enough to put them into her own mouth.  Crazy girl. :)  Lauren, so far, has been much more amenable to her meals.  We haven't graduated yet beyond baby oatmeal, but we're taking it slow.

Rolling over... she's mobile!

Actually she's been mobile for several weeks as she has figured out how to push with her feet, but now that she is rolling... uh oh!

 And just for cuteness sake... playing with her feet!

Neither of the other two played with their feet, so I find this just adorable! :)  But I realize I'm her Mom, and I'm biased.

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Kris said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable!! What a happy baby!!