Friday, March 22, 2013

Injury update, 15 months, and a new do!

Tonight I am discouraged.  It has been four weeks since my last run.  Four weeks since my last exercise induced boost of endorphins.  I feel like all the effort and work of the past six months is going down the tubes. 

Four visits to the Chiropractor - my body in general is starting to feel better, so I know that the adjustments they are making are helping me overall... but any effort at running, fitness videos, fast walking... same result.  Pain in my right knee that radiates up into my quad and down into my calf.  If I persist, this ache will stay with me (earlier this week when I ran a half mile, the ache persisted for 36 hours after that attempt!). 

I am seeing an Orthopedist next week, but I'm not sure what he'll have to tell me.  My chiropractor is pretty proficient at tendon and ligament injury detection.  He manipulated my knee pretty thoroughly through all the checkpoints for ACL, MCL, LCL, meniscus tears and they were all negative (which is good, but still frustrating that we can't pinpoint something)...

Anyway... forgive my whine.  Yes, I will take some cheese with that!

On happier notes...

My baby is 15 months old!  She is an averaged height, skinny little peanut!  30.5 inches tall, 50th percentile.  20lbs .5oz - only 10th percentile!  I looked back through my records of the other girls and she is right in the middle.  A half a pound heavier than Karen and about a half pound lighter than Megan.  I can't believe she's growing up so fast!

I finally made it in to get my hair cut.  It was really needing some attention!  I decided to go a little shorter this time around - shorter than I've been in a long time.  The front doesn't look that much different, but it is pretty short in the back.  No more ponytails for me!  (Check out my shirt - this is prior to the game yesterday - go Zags!!)


Shelly said...

I hope the ortho doc can figure out what is going on with your knee...that must be so frustrating.

Your baby girl is becoming so grown up. My kids seem to run pretty big on the growth curve as babies, but at least now with my third it always gives me comfort to know that she is just like the others. I think it's amazing how similar the children can be and yet at the same time they are so different in other ways.

And I LOVE you hair cut. It looks so fresh and easy.

Kortni said...

First, your hair is super cute!
Second, your baby is adorable!
Third, I do hope you get some answers from the ortho doctor. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. Prayers for you!