Saturday, May 12, 2012

Achilles Update

I ran my first run in two and a half weeks yesterday... it felt soooooo good to be out running again.  I think the time off was a good idea for my feet as my achilles felt great.  My right one started bothering me at about 3 miles, but wasn't too bad.  I can feel it a little today, but am planning to massage it and ice!

The worst part is the inserts I got for my shoes rubbed blisters within the first mile of my run.  I ran the other three miles knowing the blisters were there and getting worse.  Now I have to decide if I take out the inserts and run without them or do I grin and bear it until my feet get used to them?

I was able to keep up an 8:20 average pace... so I'm really, really happy with that.  I know I can't do that for the entire half marathon distance, but it gives me hope that my 2:00 goal may still be reachable.  We'll see - only 7 days until the half?  Better get those blisters healed!

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