Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two years - a look back

In remembering my first half marathon the other day,  I couldn't help but also remember other events from two years ago.  Megan was only 7 months old and had struggled with bladder infections since she was three months old.  She had a condition that caused urine reflux into her kidneys (VUR) and made her prone to infections.  It seemed that about every 5 or 6 weeks she would have a break-through infection (she was on a daily antibiotic to try and keep her from getting sick).

Two days after my half marathon was a Monday and out of the blue, she spiked a temperature. No other symptoms, just a 101-102 temp... same as always.  I took her in to her pediatrician and a quick look at her urine confirmed it was another UTI.  We changed her antibiotic and went home.

Typically Megan responded pretty well and quickly to a new antibiotic.  On Tuesday, after 24 hours of a different antibiotic, she wasn't much better... in fact, not at all.  Her temp was still up, she was barely eating, and her diaper remained dry.  By bedtime on Tuesday, I was really starting to be concerned at her lethargy and lack of interest in eating.  Fortunately, I have the BEST pediatrician in the world - he gives out his home phone number - so I called and left him a message.  He called me back within 15 minutes.  When he heard the above facts he said the one things I was NOT expecting him too... "I think you need to take her in to the E.R. ..."  I was immediately in tears.  He continued "It sounds like it has gone to her kidneys and if she becomes too dehydrated, the infection could become septic." ... ACK!!!!!!

By 10pm we were at the Pediatric E.R. checking in.  It was close to 2am by the time they got an iv started and us checked in to a room.  Fortunately we got there and got fluids and iv antibiotics to her in time to combat the kidney infection.  It was 5 or 6 days before we left the hospital and she remained on i.v. antibiotics for another week after that.
Sleeping it off with my girl in her hospital bed

Finally starting to feel better...

This was the first of three hospital visits for kidney infections, three picc lines for i.v. meds, and a fourth hospital stay for major surgery to try and repair her ureter tubes so the kidney infections would stop.
Getting the i.v. meds at home after our 2nd hospital visit
3rd hospital stay... just after she turned 1

Sleeping off the anesthesia with Carl after surgery

We were so happy when she wanted to eat!

Fortunately - it worked!! Praise God!  Megan has been off of antibiotics for over a year now and had no break-through infections.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for the care she received and that we live in the time we do where this condition can be diagnosed and successfully treated.  And look at where she's at now... beautiful, healthy, strong 2.5 year old!!


Diane said...
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Diane said...

I am so glad she has recovered!! She is SO cute!!!! Having a child in the hospital is one of the most stressful things I've ever experienced. One thing I will say is it taught me to be a great advocate for my child. Were you at Sacred Heart? We had good experiences there.

Kortni said...

She is precious...what a journey you have been on with her!

Kris said...

She is so precious!! Thank God she is healed and well!! That must of been a tough thing to deal with but I'm glad she is good now, what a tough little cookie! :)