Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My family is not big on cards or gifts for holidays like today, but we are big on sharing how much people mean to us.  My Mom is the absolute BEST I could have asked or hoped for.  No... she's not perfect - but that is the beauty of it.  In her imperfection, God uses her to be the best Mom for me... and so, is actually perfect... and I am so thankful and grateful for it! 

She became one of my best friends in high school when I was struggling with coming to terms with my condition.  She continued to be one of my best friends as I went through college - she listened to, shared in, gave advice about classes, grades, boys, careers, still struggling with self confidence issues because of my fertility, just about every other issue you can imagine...
Mother-Daughter Tea - 1994

 After college she was my rock as I struggled to discern whether to pursue (and eventually take) a job in a city that would move me away from family and friends.  She gave me hope when I began to give up on ever finding "Mr. Right".  She gently found ways to remind me of my faith and commitments to church and prayer. 

Celebrated 40 years this year!
Now as a wife and mother - I cannot even begin to express what she is to me... I see even more-so now how strong, wise, faith-filled, and loving she is (and was) to raise me and my sisters to be the women we are now.  I can only hope and pray to raise my kids as well.
Tea Party for Mom's birthday

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