Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Think - Just Do! {Tackle It Tuesday}

So I've been intending to start "Tackle It Tuesday" posts again.  These posts will be about, well... anything I've chosen to tackle.  From house projects to recipes.  It might be a new workout I'm trying or a new learning approach I'm using with the kids.

My purpose is to motivate myself to do something outside of the normal routine.  Blogging about it here will make me accountable to someone!

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As I said, I've been intending to do this but the days keep getting away from me.  So my first "Tackle it Tuesday" post is about not thinking too hard about what I'm going to do... just doing it!  I find lately that thought of doing, and planning to do, and intending to do often get in the way of just doing.  So this post is one of many steps I'm going to take to get over the thought/planning/intending road block!

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*Note*  I'm not claiming that thought and planning is a bad thing.  I am very much a planner at heart.  But sometimes that planning gets in the way and it is finding the balance that I am looking for!

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