Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daddy's girls!

Our bedtime routine involves the usual.... baths, books, prayers, and kisses.  The great thing is that Carl is a willing participant in every step.  I know that a lot of Dads leave most of the routine up to Mom, but not Carl.  And for this I am so, so grateful!  Evenings are usually when I am the most tapped out and having another hand around, and a more patient head, helps immensely.  The girls are pretty attached to our routine too.  They don't like it during the busy farming season when Daddy isn't there to help.  I get lots of "I want Daddy"... especially during baths.  I guess I'm not nearly as much fun! LOL!

Carl usually is the one to read them books at night.  I finish straightening up the bathroom after baths and picking up the odd toys that lay around.  We got the kids new beds and comforters at Christmas.  They all look so cute perched on the bed reading - so much pink, purple and turquoise around Carl! :)

I came back to find that Lauren decided she needed a better view of the book and had perched herself on top of Carl...

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