Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 5th Karen!! and Happy Birthday to Carl too!

Yesterday was a big birthday day in our house.  In fact, the first week of January is a big birthday week for all of Carl's family.  It starts with his sister Stephanie on the 3rd.  Then his sister Heidi's is on the 6th.  The 7th is host to Carl, Karen, and cousin Holly's birthdays!  Busy week!

We ended up having a quiet night with just family. Carl had to leave to Spokane for conference for the grain board he is on.  So, we had dinner and cupcakes with "just" the five of us.  My sisters and Dad were down on Sunday, so we had a little bit of a party then.  We will probably have some of Carl's family over later this week after Carl gets back for cake (especially as we didn't manage to get Karen's presents wrapped and given to her yesterday, she still has things to open! ... I know, we get parents of the year award for that!!) Luckily, she doesn't know or care that she didn't open any presents yesterday.  When she gets them on Thursday or Friday to open... she'll be thrilled!

Until then, I get to ponder how quickly five years has gone!

Happy Birthday sweet Karen!!


Shelly said...

Time really does go by too fast. Happy birthday to all your family members!

Kortni said...

I love the picture with the umbrella...so precious!