Monday, January 21, 2013

Glorious Weekend

The past few weeks we have had a run of great weekend times.  This past weekend was no exception!  Saturday started with a messy morning of giving Lauren her yogurt and letting her feed herself for the first time... she loved it and I finally (for that day at least) curbed my control-freak tendencies that needs to make sure the bites get in her mouth not all over...

My Mom and sister Tina drove up on Saturday from Idaho.  It is the first time I've seen them since Thanksgiving.  I've missed my Mom!  I get to have her here with me until Wednesday or Thursday and am loving it.  I don't have any pictures yet of her, but stay tuned... I'm sure I'll have some good ones before the week is out.

Yesterday we hosted another gathering at our house.  Carl's sister and her family were visiting for the first time since October.  We all gathered for breakfast after church.  In all, there were 29 people here for most of the morning.  It was fun chaos!  We got a picture of Carl's Grandma with her 16 great-grandchildren.  It was the first time since last summer that all the grandkids were together.

The day ended with a glorious sunset that I got to experience while out on a run.  It was the first outdoor run I've gotten in two months.  It was cold but beautiful.  I only had time for four miles because it gets dark so quickly.  I made the most of the four miles averaging 8:35 miles over the first three and finishing with a 7:35.  The tendonitis in my knee is still bothering me, but it is not getting worse (just also not getting better).  But the joy of running in God's beautiful creation far outweighed any nagging pain.

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