Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jewelry! (and a 40 bags update) {Tackle it Tuesday}

My Christmas present from Carl was a jewelry cabinet for my relatively new jewelry collection.  My jewelry was sitting atop of my dresser in the "pretty" silver boxes they came in or hanging from the mirror.  It was quite the heap!
This is only about half of the jewelry boxes - the rest are in a cupboard!

Well, after two months of sitting on the floor by my dresser, we finally got the jewelry cabinet hung up over the weekend.  I spent yesterday getting all of my jewelry into it and picking out pictures for the front.  Doesn't that look so much nicer?!

A quick update on my 40 bags... 5 bags for Goodwill down and 2 bags of garbage!  That's with only going through my closet & dresser, the kids toys, and three hall closets!  I took some pictures but they didn't look very interesting, so you'll have to trust me on the improvement it has made!


Shelly said...

That jewelry box is awesome. I live how the front is pictures and everything looks so organized inside. This weekend my husband is supposed to be helping me build a necklace display for my chunky statement necklaces. I will blog about it as soon as we are done.

Kortni said...

I love that jewelry box. I have been working on purging as well. 8 down and many to go. I don't think I will hit 40, but any amount makes me happy!