Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Day

We woke up Friday to a light dusting of snow and it proceeded to snow off and on for most of the day.  It didn't accumulate too much - a few inches - but then proceeded to start raining about 5pm.  Bummer!

Our Saturday started off pretty typically with kids playing, Carl at the desk, and myself doing house work that wasn't finished up during the week.  We followed this pattern for most of the day, forgetting the remnant of the winter wonderland outside. 

About 3:00 Megan came running to me and in her most excited three-year old voice... "Mommy, it snowed outside!!"  Funny because the curtains had been open all day, they had watched the snow come down all day the day before... but as can only happen with kids, it took most of Saturday for the reality of snow on the ground to sink through their play.  Karen and Megan both begged to go outside and play.

We were in the midst of the final stages of house-cleaning... vacuuming.  Carl took over for me while I got the girls ready to venture outside!  Our first time this year.  The few times we've had enough snow to play in, the kids were either sick or it turned off and was bitterly cold.  So this was their first venture in snow gear. 

Can you tell by their faces that they are excited?  Just a little bit, right?! :)

Lauren was trying to figure out how come her coat wasn't getting put on.  She recovered pretty quickly though once the door was closed.  She spent the next couple of hours glued to the window watching them play, squealing, and pointing.

First up was snowman building.  This was an all Daddy job with two girls excitedly hovering.  They didn't care that there was barely enough snow and that it wouldn't really roll into a ball.  Their snowman is roughly 1.5 feet tall... but boy are they proud of it!

Next up... sledding!  Daddy hooked up their sled and (very) slowly pulled them around the yard behind our three wheeler.  They dumped out a few times, but had great fun even with that!

They were less than thrilled to have to come inside and the only reason it was accomplished with out many tears and fits was because of the coming darkness and the promise of hot cocoa with marshmallows!  I neglected to get a picture of the crew with their treat, so use your imagination.  It was a picture perfect afternoon on Saturday!

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Kortni said...

The way she is looking at her daddy in that last picture is priceless! I miss snow fun so it was great fun to look at your pictures!