Monday, February 25, 2013

The Ordinary {Monday Meditation}

I think one of the biggest struggles of being a SAHM is the ordinary.  The simple repetitive motion of each day; the repetition of the same tasks over and over; the thankless tasks of wiping noses, changing diapers, picking up toys to turn around and do it all over again; the "Mommy, I want..." and the "Mommy, I don't want..." in constant repetition.

On my better days, I remind myself of the above.  It is in the ordinary acts of my day that God speaks to me when I let Him.  It is in the ordinary acts of discipline, care, and love that I show my children how much I love them.  It is in the ordinary routine of our day at home that I find comfort and peace.  It is in the ordinary acts of self-discipline and balance in my day that my soul thrives, grows, and comes to love God (and therefore my family) more each day.

So when I hit that point where I think I might scream if I change one more poopy diaper, or grumble at cleaning up a pile of toys that has already been picked up three times, or look in disbelief at clothes hampers that somehow are filled to overflowing in the two days since I addressed them - I remind myself of this.  My vocation is to be here at home.  God calls me to this "job".  And because it is a divine vocation the grace and beauty in every single "ordinary" action really makes them extraordinary!

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