Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pediatric Surgery Center... again

We had a busy Monday. Karen had her normal Monday speech session in Spokane with T and Dr. Amy. She was a little squirrely, but didn't do too bad. She knew her Daddy was there watching and I think that both contributed to the squirrely-ness and helped curb it.  Funny how that can happen.

Carl joined us today because he took Karen and Megan after the speech appointment and I had to go straight to the Pediatric Surgery Center at the children's hospital for Lauren's VCUG test. Since she has a second bladder infection and is under a year old, they need to determine if she has VUR (urine reflux into her kidneys) that make her prone to infection and would require her to be on a preventative dose of antibiotic.

We checked in at 12:30. Here's Lauren checking out the nurses in the surgery center... She's not too sure about things.

They were planning to use a mild sedation, so Lauren was not allowed to eat solids six hours before we checked in or to nursing four hours before check-in. So, I had a grumpy and hungry girl on my hands.

She was a little cranky, but we still had some good snuggle time while we waited.

I had a happier girl about a half hour after they administered the oral sedative.  It didn't put her to sleep, just made her really relaxed (and giggly).

The test was relatively quick. They put a catheter in her bladder and then filled her bladder with dye. They then took several x-rays to see if the dye moved from her bladder to her kidneys.  This was the least fun part of the test because Lauren had to be immobilized. They have a padded board on the x-ray table and she was strapped with her hands above her head and her feet down straight.

I'm sooooo glad for the sedative. I've been through this test twice before with Megan and neither time was with sedation.  It was HORRIBLE hearing her cry while they were getting the x-rays. The team that worked on Lauren yesterday was AWESOME and moved really quickly. She still got a little upset (who wouldn't?) but it was over much more quickly than my other two experiences.

Luckily, since it was only a mild, oral sedative we didn't have to hang around for long after the procedure was over. We headed home to pick up the other two girls from my in-laws where Carl had left them when he headed to basketball practice this afternoon.  Bless her heart, my mother-in-law had dinner ready for the girls so I didn't have to worry about feeding them when I got home. Lauren had a bit of a grumpy evening, but is back to herself after a good nights sleep.

We heard from her pediatrician this morning and the results came back NORMAL... YIPPEEEEE!!  That means that she does not have VUR and these bladder infections should not continue to reoccur.  Praise God!  We were really hoping for some good news!
Lauren's happy face after the call from the doctor...


Kortni said...

What a cutie! Yeah for great news!

Kris said...

Praise the Lord!! Glad she is a healthy happy baby! :)