Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday "randoms"

It seems about every time I feel like I'm getting in a groove with life and blogging... crazy happens!  Our house was hit with the sickies again this past week and a half. 
  • Karen came down with a stomach bug early on the morning of the 12th... we had a quiet weekend quarantining ourselves so we didn't spread our germs.  By monday she was getting back to her normal self.  
  • Early Thursday morning, miss Megan fell victim for a second time this fall!  Poor girl got hit really hard this time - she was throwing up every hour to hour and a half for almost 18 hours... that's tough on a little body.  She's still not back to herself yet.  It worries me, but I've talked to her doctor a couple of different times and he says not to worry, just give her time... thankfully that's one thing this Mommy does have... time!
  • Lauren also had an episode of throwing up on Thursday morning and then spiked a temperature.  By Friday it was running 102 but she had no other symptoms of a stomach bug so I took her in to her doctor so I didn't have to stress about her over the weekend.  They took a urine sample to rule out another bladder infection.  Unfortunately, what they could see under the microscope was inconclusive, so we had to wait for the culture results to come back to know for sure.  The result came back today... the verdict??  another bladder infection. :(  Insert a huge frowny face here!!  
  • Because this is her second infection and she's under a year old, they have to rule out VUR - which is the same condition that Megan had.  We are scheduled for a VCUG on the 29th.  That is a test where they put dye into her bladder and then take x-rays to see if the dye refluxes to her kidneys... It doesn't hurt them but really isn't fun - they have to be immobilized for the x-rays, and as any parent knows, that doesn't elicit fun reactions from kids.
  • I felt crummy all weekend, whether my body was fighting the stomach bug or it was just the power of suggestion from taking care of three sick kids... who knows.  I'm thankful to be feeling more like myself today!!
So, I'm not intending this post as a complaint, just a catch-up as to where I've been and why I'm finding it hard to write.  I was updating a friend last night as to my family's status, and her response was: "This too shall pass.  I know a family that needs prayers, will you suffer for them?" ... it was an important reminder to me of one of the things I find so beautiful about my Catholic faith... that there is an intrinsic value in suffering and that God provides an avenue for grace in each suffering, no matter how small, if we but offer it up.  Thanks for the reminder - J.J.!!

There are also some really positive things happening in life right now too, which I hope to share - maybe tomorrow in a Tuesday Top 10!!

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