Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New playlist

Working out to music is a relatively new thing for me.  In the past, I've always enjoyed the silence of running.  It was my time outside to just think.  I would get lost in thoughts while I ran and worked through many a problem that way.  When I wasn't "lost in thought", I would try to be "lost" in prayer.

These days, with three little ones underfoot, I find myself more and more working out on my treadmill.  We do not have a TV or window in front of where the treadmill is, so I'm usually looking at a wall.  When I started my half marathon training last spring, I quickly realized that I wasn't going to make it without some musical motivation to go with my treadmill workouts.

I've always been a country music girl, so had a fair amount of that music to choose from to make my workout playlist.  Besides country, there were just a couple other random genres thrown in there.  An interesting thing happened though... whenever these other songs came on my playlist, my step would get a bit lighter, my heart would feel a little more focused, and I would often actually find myself smiling... cheesy, I know, but true!

These other songs were the three or four christian songs that I had thrown into my playlist.  There is alot to be said for the saying that those who sing, pray twice... it felt that way when I listened to those songs while I worked out.  What I had been missing from my workouts - that quiet time with my thoughts and prayers - felt like it had been returned to me!!

So - I've been on a mission to make a Christian music playlist for my workouts.  The dilemma??  I don't know Christian music.  I just don't listen to it.  I have my country (that I actually barely listen to anymore because I don't think it's appropriate for my kids) and instrumental music (George Winston, Jim Brickman, Ed BolDuc, Jim Schafer...). 

Here's what I've come up with just by browsing around iTunes... If you have any suggestions of Christian music you like and/or workout to... I'd love to hear them!


Kortni said...

Christian music is all over my playlist! Nicole Britt is great, Third Day is my favorite. I cannot wait for their new album to come out next week. Newsboys is good and upbeat. Matthew West's song Strong Enough is a favorite of mine...that entire album is great! Hallelujah by Heather Williams and Mandisa!

Kris said...

Love listening to praise music while running, I feel the same thing as you, I seem to be lighter on my feet :) I really enjoy Hillsong and Jesus Culture :) Glad I had time to comment on your blog, Miss Bean is taking a nap :)