Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Counting my blessings - Top 10 Tuesday!

After yesterdays post about my sickie house... I thought it fitting to share that there are some very good things going on in my life right now that I recognize and show that I do count my blessings!!

  1. Karen is doing AMAZING in speech therapy.  She is adding sounds and words to her vocabulary like crazy.
  2. We are still not there with potty-training Karen, but she's making progress.  We've had a few successes in the last week where she (without prompting) let myself or Carl know that she needed to go potty.  Yippee for small progress!  Her preschool teacher also told me that she goes in to the potty when the rest of the class has their potty break.  Whether she actually goes, remains to be seen, but she's learning that it is an expected behavior!
  3. Fall field work is over for Carl!! Yippee!!
  4. Megan is finally feeling better and back to her spunky little self!
  5. Lauren is crawling on all fours now - she army crawled for longest time! and is also cruising really well.  She's taken a couple of unassisted steps but mostly by accident!
  6. My house is a disaster after almost two weeks of sick kids, but I have a roof over my head, food in my cupboards, clothes in my drawers, and in laundry baskets, and in washer/dryer, and all over my couch... :)  You get the point!
  7. I finally committed to some changes in my eating and am seeing the fruits of those changes.
  8. I also made some adjustments to my workout approach and am loving the changes and seeing the changes in my body.
  9. I've been carpooling to Spokane with the daughter of a friend who is taking classes at the University (she's a junior in high school) - the conversations I get into with this girl BLOW ME AWAY!!  I can tell you that my focus on faith has grown simply from pondering the discussions we've had!
  10. Finally, I'm just thankful for my family.  This is a hard month and we "survived" the anniversary of Jess's death.  We supported each other and prayed for each other and, I think, are coming out stronger than ever.  The pain doesn't go away, but each day is a little easier to remember the good and look forward to the future.

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