Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time moves on

One thing that my sisters and I have talked about (alot) recently is how quickly time has gone by and how "old" we are getting.  We remember growing up and looking at our aunts and uncles and "how old" they seemed to us.  The realization has been setting in that we are now them!  In fact, we are probably older than they were in many of our memories.  It's funny how time has a way of sneaking by you.  I always thought my Dad was a little weird by saying that high school to him felt like it was yesterday.  I can't say that I feel like high school was just yesterday, but college??  Absolutely!

This past weekend we had a gathering of some family... the reasons for which in a later post.  But the family included my Aunt and her four sons who's ages alternate with me and my sisters.  In fact, my Mom and my aunt were alternately pregnant each year for seven years until my Mom "broke" the cycle and got pregnant and had my little sister just a year after me.  What is neat is that my parents had four girls, my aunt and uncle had four boys (the fourth boy came about 10 years after my little sister).  Anyway, we have LOTS of pictures through the years of the seven and then eight of us lined up by age.  We took another one this weekend.

We talked about the last time we took one of these pictures and came up with it being at my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party.  In doing the math, I realized this picture was taken almost 17 years ago!!  That makes me feel so old because I was in college when it was taken...

Have you had any "rude" awakening like this regarding the passage of time in your life lately?  Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely happy with my life and where I've come and too be honest (with the exception of the last 6 months) each year has been "better" than the one before it.  I'm just a little in awe at how quickly time moves on!  It really brings a new perspective to reminding myself to live in the moment and to be fully present to my kids because all they are going to go from here
my sisters and I circa 1980
to adults in way too short of a time - or as I was reminded this fall, from child to child of God well before I'm ready to say good-bye.

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