Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back in the running!!

So after taking it easy for two weeks, I tried out the legs today and things feel great!  No pain in the behind or the achilles... yippeee!!!  Plus, the weather was a FABULOUS 65 degrees and my husband was home doing work on the basement so I got to run outside!

I typically like to do my sprint workouts on the treadmill.  Truth be told, I'm a wimp... mentally at least.  The nice thing about doing sprints on the treadmill is that I set a speed and do not let myself touch any buttons until the required distance is hit.  I've worried that running outside I'll let myself ease up too much if I'm tired.  But the weather was so beautiful today that I couldn't resist and I surprised myself!  My workout was supposed to be a 20min warmup with 3 1600 "sprints" followed by a 10 min cool down. 

Here is a stretch of the gravel road that comprised my 1 mile route...

I went out to the 1 mile point and back for my warmup in 20:24.  My first mile sprint was 8:23 - my goal was 8:45.  My second mile sprint was 7:30... yippee!!  My second mile sprint had me back at the house and during my 2 minute recovery the porch light flipped on.  This was my husband's preset signal that one of the kids needed my attention.  Sure enough, Lauren had woke up from her nap early... darn!  I was done running for the time being. 

Fortunately, I was able to finish my workout early this evening.  I did a 1 mile warmup in 9:21 followed by my last mile sprint at 7:07... double yippeee!!  I didn't know I could still make my legs move that fast for longer than a 400... 

I'm so happy to have my body back in running shape.  Here's hoping that it continues and the rest of my training is uneventful... only 5.5 weeks until the half-marathon!

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