Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I LOVE Easter morning!!  There is something different about how the sun shines and simply how the day feels on this resurrection morning!  I am a daughter of Christ and everything in me rejoices today!

We had an amazing and very full day!  It started with the kids waking up to find what the "Easter Bunny" had left them... this is the first year that they've actually kind of got it, so it definitely made the Easter baskets more fun!

Then we colored eggs before breakfast... I know, this is supposed to happen BEFORE today - we just weren't that organized.  We also figured that our girls are still young enough that they wouldn't care - and they didn't...  They just had a grand time decorating with their Dad!

Next we were off to church - remembering the real reason for the day.  Church is always followed by fun play time with the cousins!

It's become a tradition when we are in town for Easter to go to the Old Flour Mill after church for Easter pictures.  Our brother-in-law is very good with the camera and we've gotten some of our best family pictures here over the last few years.  The girls weren't quite as cooperative this year, but we still got a few good ones.

At this point, the tears told us we were done trying to take photos!!!!

Back home for an hour to try and get some real food into their little bellies... soon followed by less "real" food, as is evidenced by their smiles! :)

Then off to Granny and Papa's for a fun Easter afternoon of eating, playing with cousins, kite-flying, Easter egg hunting, and bubble chasing!

"I'm sooo tired"...

Chasing bubbles!!

The "bubble-makers"!


Stephen Beck said...

Love your pictures. Reminds me of our 4 years in Moscow,Idaho. Beautiful.

Kerry Beck

Stephen Beck said...

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