Thursday, October 31, 2013


It has been a fun week leading up to Halloween!!

Why, you ask?

Well... because I've been able to hear Karen using words I didn't know she had.

Two days ago, as we are getting ready for school:

"Almost Halloween!" 
(with nearly perfect articulation)

Yesterday, she expanded it:

"It's almost Halloween!"


"Trick or Treat!"  
(again with nearly perfect articulation!)

This morning, she woke up in a hurry when I told her it was Halloween!  All morning, her little voice saying:

"It's Halloween!"


"Trick or Treat!"

and while I was getting her backpack ready for the school bus:

" 'got my bag, Mom.  Trick or Treat!"
(You forgot my bag, Mom, for Trick or  Treat!")

I love that little voice!  We still have so far to go, but by the same token, have come so far!

Happy Halloween!  
Be safe tonight!

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