Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Fall!

I thought I'd try something new.  I'm linking up with Jennifer at Conversion Diary for Friday's 7 Quick Takes.  We'll see how this goes!

I am realizing - I LOVE fall!  Don't get me wrong, I am unabashedly a summer girl.  I love the heat.  The late nights.  Light from the wee hours of the morning until well after nine... but as the season is changing around here I'm finding a new spring in my step.  I like the crispness in the air.  Being able to pull out my jeans and boots. The smell of crockpot dinners that just don't sound as good in 90+ heat.  The difference, I think is that I'm not in a rush for fall - so I just enjoy it.  Each day is a new journey further into fall - as opposed to spring and summer when I am incredibly impatient for the fullness of that season to be here!

Another thing about fall - pumpkins!  We just picked all of our pumpkins from our garden.  Now begins the fun and letting the kids pick theirs out, and inviting neighbors and friends to do the same!

The bigger ones

The ones small enough for the girls to carry
A second thing about pumpkins.  My mother-in-law has started carving names into pumpkins when they are small.  As they grow, the scratches also grow into larger "scabs" that make the name easily visible.  Here is Megan's pumpkin:

We got a chance to go to Adoration this week.  It's something I like to do, but have not made as good a point about going since having kids.  It is just plain hard.  They play, they whisper, they bang books around... all the things that the majority of other people praying probably really don't care about, but as the Mom... it drives you crazy!  Regardless - I am committed to making more of an effort in our prayer life.  My daughters will grow up knowing they are daughters of Christ - a through these efforts will hopefully love Him with their whole hearts, souls, and minds.  

Back to Adoration - it worked out to swing by after Karen's speech session.  I got lost on the way, so was only planning to stay about 10 minutes (you know, break the kids in slowly).  However, because it took us so long, we were there when the 3:00 hour came.  They started a Divine Mercy chaplet and we stayed.  It was just the prayer and the extra time in front of my Lord that my heart needed.  The kids behaved... I don't believe in coincidence... I might just have to get lost every week! :)
We still have one kitten.  We started the summer with two.  About a month ago, Minnie cat disappeared. :(  A couple of days ago Carl asked if I had seen the other one (Daisy Cat)... It had been several hours since it made an appearance.  He went outside and called for it for a while... no kitty.  The next morning he looked around some more before leaving in the tractor... still no kitty.  We were both convinced Daisy had also disappeared.  Fortunately, I remembered that I had gone into our shop the previous day.  As luck would have it, Daisy had slipped in and I didn't notice.  She had been locked inside!  We are so happy to still have her.
My middle one turns 4 next week!!  So hard to believe that four years have already gone by.  I am not ready for her birthday... not one tiny, little bit.

Aside from Megan's birthday, I'm not looking forward to the next week.  A week from today mark's the 2nd anniversary of Jessica's death.  Her absence is still so hard to believe.

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