Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sometimes I wonder why my blog has nothing new on it... and then I remember that I need to post what is in my head in order for there to be something new to read.  Would you believe me that I've written at least ten posts in the last six weeks during rides in the car, sitting through therapy sessions, sitting on the floor playing with the kids... But I guess those posts in my head don't magically appear here on my blog unless I sit down and write them!  If only there was a way to have those mentally composed ones write themselves...



Maybe in the future...

..or maybe not.  I think I would be scared to try something that allows me to mentally compose something and have it appear for the world to see... but I digress. :)

Life has been busy in here in the Palouse.  We started and finished harvest (yields were great, the rain mostly stayed away until we were done, and break downs were minimal)!

Karen started kindergarten.

So far everything is going well.  She seems to really enjoy it and her communication seems greatly improved over last year.  In fact, I got a note from her teacher after the first day of school that read:
I just wanted to let you know that Karen had a wonderful day at school today! I was so impressed with her! She was great at taking charge and being my "line leader" today. Her verbal skills were great as well! I wanted to share with you that during calendar I asked the children to count out loud while another student pointed to the numbers, and Karen is the only voice that I heard! She seemed to be very proud of herself.
Proud Momma moment here... and a teary one.  For some reason the start of kindergarten was very hard for me.  Much harder than sending her off to preschool the last two and a half years!

We had the advantage of getting back into the swing of school and such in a stepped fashion.  School started with no other activities occuring.  The next week we started dance and gymnastics classes.  The third week we added back in our twice a week trips to Spokane for speech therapy.

I'm SOOOOOO glad for the slow transition because it still kicked my butt.  My workouts have been nonexistent.  The kids are done, and I'm tired, by the end of the day.  But we are getting there and the rhythm of our household is getting better. 

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Kortni said...

Such cute pictures! Back to school is such an adjustment for everyone in the house. I swear it takes a good month to get it all together.