Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conferences

A couple of weeks ago we had our spring parent-teacher conference for Karen.  We met with her preschool teacher, the kindergarten teacher, and her school SLP.  It was one of those proud Mama moments for me.  Carl & I got to sit there for an hour while all three talked about how sweet, hard-working, persistent, and amazing our daughter was.

They all shared in the joy of the progress she's been making (especially evident in the last couple of months) with as much enthusiasm as Carl & I!!  I feel so very thankful for the area we live, the small school that allows such one-on-one interaction between Karen and her teachers and between me and her teachers.

Her kindergarten teacher (who she will have next year) has been going above and beyond to prepare for teaching Karen.  She spent her own money last summer to go to a week long camp about Apraxia.  It was hosted in Ohio by a school for children with Apraxia.  This summer she is going back to the same camp, as well as attending the national CASANA (Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America) conference in Denver.  She is getting a little money from the school district to help, but is largely paying for it herself!  What an amazing teacher!

Her school SLP has gone out of her way to attend several of Karen's speech therapy sessions in Spokane so that she can ensure that there is consistency between her approach/focus/goals at the school and those of her sessions in Spokane.  She has also continued to be in contact with our SLP in Spokane about Apraxia because she recognizes her need to educate herself about the disorder in order to better work with Karen.

When I consider how hard these teachers and therapists are working to help my daughter... it is inspiring, humbling, joyful.  I've read enough blogs to know that my experience is not the norm - and I am so very, very grateful for the support. 

With their help, this little sweetie is slowly finding her voice in this world!

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m e l said...

What great news!! I love good teachers :)